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State Police and HIghway Patrol.

 In early 1928 construction was begun on what was commonly referred to as the San Mateo bridge, officially called the San Francisco Bay toll bridge. The bridge opened on March 2, 1929. Up until the time the CHP was able to begin traffic enforcement later that same year the county of San Mateo was responsible for traffic enforcement. The legislature created the CHP as part of the Department of Motor Vehicles on August 14, 1929.

On May 28, 1923, the incorporaton of the American Toll Bridge Company of California was granted.  The company was formed to build a bridge spanning the Carquinez Straight, with anchorage on the west bank in Rodeo, CA Contra Costa County and anchorage on the east bank in Vallejo, CA Solano County.  On May 21, 1927 the bridge opened.  The American Toll Bridge Co. operated the bridge until 1940.  On September 16th the State of California took over the operation.

Pikes Peak Highway Patrol badge #8
Note from Al Mize, As close as I can determine, the Pikes Peak Highway Patrol was organized in 1936 and was active until 1952 (?) They got their police authority to take care of the 19 mile highway which was and still is a toll road from the Sheriff of the county and the Colorado Springs Police Department. Sometime in the 1950 the U.S. Forest Service took over and it is now named the Pikes Peak Highway Rangers.

Superintendent Nevada Highway Patrol.hat badge worn by Robert C. Clark


Watsonville Motor officer wearing his Watsonville Police & Traffic Officer badge.

Prior to the California Highway Patrol each county was responsible for traffic enforcement with funds provided by the State Division of Motor Vehicles, Department of Finance from 1923 to 1929 and were known as the dual control officers because the counties submitted candidates to the state who appointed the officers.  Only about 36 of the 58 counties participated in the program from 1923 to 1929.  In 1929 the remaining counties, except Los Angeles became part of the C.H.P.
These three examples both have the Market St. address.

Circa 1960 Redding , CA Traffic Lieutenant badge.  Gold front, hand engraved.


C.H.P. badge #1554 with the rank of Captain.  The badge is Gold Front and the rank panel is riveted to the badge.  This style badge was first worn in 1929 when the modern C.H.P. was formed under the Division of Motor Vehicles, Department of Public Works.


Captain of Traffic badge for the Redding Police dept.  Badge is Gold Front.

These two old timers had tags attached to them that identified Stockton, CA as the department they were used.  This has not been confirmed.  Both are sterling.

Prior to the formation of the C.H.P. the state traffic officers were dual control and still under the County.  Each County had a Captain. under the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.  These badges date from about 1926 to 1929.  The last county Traffic Officer Squad was Los Angeles and they did not join the C.H.P. until 1932.
These two examples both have the Market St. address.
The Division of Motor Vehicles became the Department of Motor Vehicles in 1931.

Diminutive but rare, this Traffic Clerk badge is Gold Front with a riveted rank panel, made by  Ed Jones Co. Oakland, CAL.

Diminutive but rare, this Traffic Clerk badge is Gold Front with a riveted rank panel, made by  Ed Jones Co. Oakland, CAL.

Redding Traffic Hat Badge
Fresno Traffic badge #5

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