1966 Dodge Power Wagon

This section will show images of the 1966 Dodge Power Wagon with Boyertown Multalloy S Van body "as found" and updates of the restoration that was begun in Sep. 2012. It had been sitting for several years in the So. Cal. desert town of Pioneertown near Yucca Valley.
 It was professionally transported by Anker Trucking Ontario, CA 

Originally purchased in 1966 by the Fremont, CA Police department and used as a Mobile Field Headquarters.


Certificate of Ownership to 
City of Fremont dated 11-15-1966
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Thanks to Ehow.com for the following info on the engine.


The Chrysler-owned Dodge and Plymouth 361 cubic inch V-8 engine is a long forgotten, little appreciated workhorse that initially powered the legendary 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury before being pushed aside by the 413 V-8 and 426 Hemi. Although its use in cars was brief, the 361 powered trucks and buses over two decades 

In the late 1950s, the United States was undergoing a massive infrastructure buildup of multi-lane highways. But most of the country still consisted of undivided two-lane roads. Automakers focused on developing engines with plenty of torque to give their cars quick acceleration for passing ability. Chrysler's "B" engines, specifically the 350 and 361, were engineered with massive torque to fill these requirements.

Torque Matters
The 361 was called the SonoRamic Commando in Plymouths and D500 and Super Red Ram in Dodges.  The 361 was essentially a bored-out version of the 350, with its bore enlarged from the 350's 4.06 inches to 4.12 inches. The 361's stroke was 3.38 inches. In the Dodges, the D500 featured a 10:1 compression ratio and dual four-barrel carburetors to give it 310 horsepower and a massive 435 foot-pounds of torque. Torque, not horsepower, was what mattered, and the D500 361 offered superior torque to the Dodge 383, which generated 425 foot-pounds of torque and the two-barrel carburetor 318, which wielded 340 foot-pounds.

Truck Uses
The 361 lived on in Dodges for a brief period. In addition to the Plymouth Sport Fury, the 361 was used in the Dodge Coronet and the Dodge Royal and Custom Royal. Production of the 361 for automobiles ended in 1966. Later in the 1960s, Dodge trucks, commercial vehicles and school buses were equipped with the 361 that featured a single two-barrel carb to generate 186 horsepower. The 361 was in production as late as 1978 when it was installed in recreational vehicles. The 361 was discontinued after 1978.

The 361 V8 was rated at 186 horsepower at 4,000 rpm and included induction-hardened crankshaft journals, trimetal main and connecting rod bearings, hydraulic valve lifters, sodium-filled exhaust valves with Roto-Caps, and a chrome-alloy cast-iron block


The Dodge Super Red Ram 361 V8, 186 HP engine as of
Nov. 12, 2012


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